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18. NICKY ‘ELVIS’ HART’s 30th Birthday Bash at the EASTBROOK, Dagenham. Saturday, 19th July 2014

ELVIS AND PRISCILLA! (Photo courtesy of Katherine Morrison)

‘ELVIS’ AND ‘PRISCILLA’! (Photo courtesy of Katherine Morrison)

It was very nice of NICKY ‘ELVIS’ HART to invite myself and some of my family to his 30th Birthday party/gig at the EASTBROOK pub in Dagenham last Saturday evening. There were some old friends and colleagues there that I’d not seen for donkey’s yonks – but I didn’t even get a chance to speak to some of them. The Eastbrook is a good English pub – large saloon; function room; an outdoor area with tables; and decent bar staff. A buffet was provided; and there was a DJ.

Nicky, of course planned to do his Elvis impersonation show during the evening. We spied him sporting a new, gold-sequined Elvis jacket (specially imported from the USA) as we entered the pub. He greeted us warmly. He had previously announced that it was fancy dress (Elvis theme, of course), and a few people had dressed up; including Nicky’s girlfriend Katherine who had inevitably become ‘Mrs.Presley’ for the evening – and an excellent ‘Priscilla’ she was too!

Before long, ‘Elvis’ hit the floor and launched into ‘Viva Las Vegas’; followed by some other old favourites, including: ‘Return To Sender’; ‘Suspicious Minds’; and ‘Proud Mary’. It didn’t seem to be as long a set as when I last saw him at The 72 Club in Ilford (which I reviewed earlier in this blog; see entry #9); but it was a great show nonetheless. To be honest, it was so hot in the function room, that the way Nicky was leaping around around the room, I don’t think he could have kept it up much longer! Once again everything was right – the Elvis costume; the Elvis mannerisms; the Elvis moves; and even the Elvis grunts! But once again it was the Elvis voice that makes Nicky really become ‘The King’!

Now I’m just wondering if the real Elvis and Priscilla could have imitated Nicky and Katherine as good? We’ll never know the answer to that! Happy Birthday Nick – and long live ‘The King’!

Phil The Music Quill.