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43. THE STEVE EGGS BAND “Hometown Skyline” (2014)

'Hometown Skyline' (Photo: PTMQ)

‘Hometown Skyline’ (Photo: PTMQ)

On the way back from seeing The Steve Eggs Band at the Boom Boom Club, Sutton – where they were supporting Dutch Prog-Rock maestros Focus (see my review on this Blog #40) –  I played their debut album Hometown Skyline that I bought at the gig for a fiver. It was probably the best fiver I’ve spent so far this year, because this is a really good album to say the least; and I played it continually all the way home.

It is a collection of ten good original songs – all, bar one, penned by Steve Eggs himself. Steve is the lead vocalist and plays Rhythm Guitar and  Harmonica. The rest of the band consist of: Jon Kershaw (Lead Guitar, Vocals); Peter Wass (Bass, Vocals); and Mark Taylor (Drums, Vocals). Helping out with Hammond Organ as necessary, is Gavin Kinch.  Having seen them perform live, I know them all to be very good musicians. I must admit that I didn’t know their names previously; but I’m guessing they’ve all been around a while as they obviously all possess plenty of experience and skill.

The band describe themselves as ‘Country/Rock/Pop’. I’d say they are more Rock than Country; and more Country than Pop. I see them as ‘quality Light-Rock with strong Country-Rock influences’ –  but any way you choose to categorise them, they’re bloody good! I’m hearing an eclectic mix of influences when I listen to the album, too numerous to list; or too elusive to put my finger on, but something has come together nicely for this band and this album is a demonstration of it.

The Steve Eggs Band at The Boom Boom Club, March 2015. (Photo: PTMQ)

The Steve Eggs Band at The Boom Boom Club, March 2015. (Photo: PTMQ)

The album kicks off with the excellent ‘Roll Over’; a great opening number, and one of the best tracks in the collection. The band have set the bar high from the start, but they are equal to their own challenge, as every track is a good’n’. Both musically and lyrically these songs are all interesting and palatable; and worthy of multiple plays. I’ve had the CD constantly playing in my car lately (the Pete Wass penned ‘Here Comes The Rain’ seems particularly suitable for driving). In fact, I can’t fault the album;  every aspect of it is very satisfying: Song-writing; musicianship; vocals; recording; everything really.

I normally try to pick a favourite track on my album reviews, but I’m having trouble doing that with this collection because they’re all so very good! ‘Roll Over’; ‘Here Comes The Rain’; ‘The Heartbreaker’ and ‘That’s No Good’  stand out for me, but there are no disappointments. The band have done some earlier recording too, which I haven’t heard, but I’ll look into that ASAP. It will be interesting to see where they take their music to in the future as well.

The album was recorded at Rocket Studios, Croydon; and produced by Gavin Kinch and the band themselves; with mastering done by Pete Maher. The CD cover is of the card gate-fold type. It has good basic info printed in it and a few photos by Steve Dulieu and Sandy Lawson. The original cover artwork is by Alfie Kershaw.

I recommend Hometown Skyline highly; and wish the band every success for the future. PTMQ.

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