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150. SHARON LAZIBYRD’s new single “Opium Of The Masses” (2017). A pre-release review.

(Image: Sharon Martin)

(Image: Sharon Martin)

Sharon Lazibyrd‘s forthcoming single – to be released on 24th March – is ‘Opium Of The Masses‘. It is the follow up to ‘What Time Is Later’ (See my review #137); and she kindly sent me a pre-release download for review.

I like it. It is one of those compelling songs that stays with you after just one play – pleasantly infectious and lyrically thought-provoking. It is deceptively chirpy and radio friendly; yet written on the deeper theme of ‘wants, needs and delusions’.

Sharon’s distinctive vocals and fine ukulele playing are beautifully enhanced on the recording by the addition of some other fine musicians: Kate and Damon Bridge (from Owl In The Sun), who both featured on the earlier single; and by Tom Corey (of Bare Knuckle Parade).

Listen to the single on Soundcloud

Sharon is currently recording her new solo album Half Shame And Half Glory, so that will be interesting to hear. PTMQ