167. PATCHWORK SKIES “Go Outside” EP (2015)

(Image: Patchwork Skies)

I met singer/song-writer Charlie Limm at Loughton Folk Club recently, where she played a very good feature set as support for Kadia who had invited me to their gig. (See my review #166). She is part of a London-based acoustic Country-Folk duet known as Patchwork Skies, along with Emma Minihan (not present on this occasion).

I had a chat with Charlie and her roadie Sophie, and she kindly gave me a copy of the duet’s EP Go Outside. I said I’d have a listen on the way home from the gig (always a good time for me to listen to music); so by the time I arrived back at Quill HQ, I had the songs on the CD firmly embedded in my mind – and needing to write a favourable review!

It is a four track collection of original songs, all penned by Charlie (vocals/guitar/flute); and Emma (vocals/guitar). The tracks are: ‘Country Kind’; ‘Relentless’; ‘Through The Dark’; and ‘Star’. (You can buy or just listen from the duet’s website). I was struck by the nicely constructed songs, that are catchy and pleasant. There are a lot of  lovely well thought out harmonies; and the lyrics are good as well. I look forward to hearing more from these ladies.

The CD comes in a simple slip case with basic info/contact details etc; and nice artwork by Stella Limm. It is available at gigs or from the duet’s website). I haven’t seen the ladies perform as a duet, only Charlie solo, but I’ll keep an eye out for a gig some time. A nice EP for The Quill’s collection. PTMQ

Patchwork Skies website.

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