140. THE MOVERS “Smoke And Mirrors” EP (2016)

(Pic: The Movers)

(Pic: The Movers)

I was interested when Tim Chapple of The Movers sent me a download of the band’s new EP Smoke And Mirrors recently. Formed in early 2016, The Movers hail from the beautiful English county of Cornwall, and consist of: Scott Jeffery (ex Blues Busters); the SRV/Berry inspired Archie Fugill (ex Fabulous Bluescasters) on guitar and vocals; new boy Alan Williams (ex Medicine Train) on drums; and Tim Chapple himself of course (ex-Blacktop Deluxe) on bass. All well experienced Bluesmen; and by all accounts a good band to see live. They describe their music as ‘Blues from the Cornish Delta’.

The three-track collection starts with a cover of the old Bo Diddley single ‘I Can Tell’ – but the boys have given it a good old British R’n’B makeover in the Wilko/ Feelgood mode; that would get the punters in any Blues club rockin’. ‘The old Delbert McClinton classic ‘Standing On Shaky Ground’ is up next, and a very good cover of the original it is too. The classic Fabulous Thundebirds’ song ‘Wait On Time’ is the third track and again a powerfully reworked rendition. The recordings were made live in the studio with only ‘Shaky Ground’ receiving a guitar overdub; so what you hear on these recordings is pretty much what can expect live. Love it. PTMQ

The EP is available from Bandcamp

Link to The Movers’ Facebook page

Here’s a live recording of the Movers covering Philip Sayce’s ‘Alchemy’. 



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