134. STORM IN A TEACUP. Digital album “MMXVI” (2016)

(Pic: C.Rhodes)

(Pic: C.Rhodes)

I was contacted recently by song-writer Colin Rhodes, who asked me what I thought of his band Storm In A Teacup’s album MMXVI (which of course is Latin for 2016).  Its a band I’d not heard of before. It is a song-writing collaboration between Colin himself and guitarist Marco Meljohn; plus vocals by an anonymous and mysterious lady with the amusing pseudonym of Ella V’Storm. (Who can this really be I wonder? Knowledgeable Rock fans may like to hazard a guess?)

MMXVI is an impressive ten-track collection of well-crafted melodic Rock songs. A lot of good work has been put into this album. Each song has been carefully thought out by the writers and each holds the attention from start to finish. There are a variety well-known Rock styles represented in the collection – from out and out Heavy-Rockers like ‘Pink Champagne’; through catchy Pop-Rock tunes like ‘Bad Bad Girl’; and the Proggy ‘Desert Rose’; to emotional power ballads like ‘If’ and ‘Talking About Love’. These songs often have an 80s feel about them (not a criticism), but they also sound fresh and exciting. Lyrically its very good too. (No lyrics are available to read, but vocals are clear enough of course). I found it very difficult to pick out favourites, so I won’t try – its all excellent!

Axemanship from Marco is very impressive indeed; reminding me of such luminaries as Steve Vai; Joe Satriani; and at times Eddie Van Halen. Nice use of FX; and fine Spanish guitar on ‘Desert Rose’.

Vocals from ‘Ella’ (if you know who she is) are typically superb; versatile, highly suited to every track; and a joy to hear. All in all an excellent choice for singer. She is in fact my favourite female vocalist in the Rock genre at the moment, and i never seem to tire of the emotional range and the sassiness in her voice and vocal delivery! Miss. V’Storm isn’t available for gigging due to other commitments at the moment, so the band are currently looking for a replacement female vocalist.

Storm In A Teacup are currently writing and demo-ing more material, but need to sell a few more downloads to make the follow-up album a reality. MMXVI is available to listen to on Spotyfy; and for download from Amazon. Finances do not permit a CD or vinyl version just yet; but its well worth having a listen.  I like the whole collection a lot. A wonderful album actually; only marred by the unskipable sodding adverts that Spotify constantly shove down your throat between the songs! Highly recommended.  PTMQ

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PS: Not guessed ‘Ella V’Storm’s true identity yet?  Hint: If you are leaving Earth’s atmosphere in a lift, you’ll find a lady of noble birth on vocals!


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