130. THE GEORGIA SHACKLETON TRIO “The Dog Who Would Not Be Washed”

(Pic: Georgia Shakleton Trio)

(Pic: Georgia Shakleton Trio)

At Headstock music and beer festival in Norfolk recently (see my review #125), I was lucky enough to see The Georgia Shackleton Trio. I liked their set. I had a chat with Georgia afterwards, and she kindly gave me a copy of The Dog Who Would Not Be Washed for review.

The band consist of Georgia Shackleton herself on fiddle and vocals; Aaren Bennett on guitar and vocals; and Nic Zuppardi on mando. These three are augmented by Adam Clark on banjo. They describe themselves as ‘… a blend of folk, Americana, and self-penned material’. Musicianship is impressive; vocals clear; and the recording is good.

It is an eclectic collection of twelve songs; several written by Georgia; some traditional; and a few covers. Georgia’s songs cover an interesting array of subject matter. ‘Lonesome George’ is about a tortoise – the last of his kind. ‘Endurance’ tells the story of Earnest Shackleton’s expedition to Antarctica; and ‘Black Sluice’ about a man and his dog being swallowed up by a drain! I like good lyrics and I wasn’t disappointed by Georgia’s pen-work on this album, but I’d like to have seen the lyrics printed on the sleeve, but still, she sings with lovely diction and the words are clear throughout.

The CD comes in a card gate-fold sleeve with the CD impressed on the right inner side. It has an interesting design and good basic information is included. It is available from the  band’s website. A great Folk album. PTMQ


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