129. KAREN WARBIS ‘Step Back To The Sixties’

(Pic: K.Warbis)

(Pic: K.Warbis)

Singer Karen Warbis is the wife of guitarist Steve Forward – a name featured on my website twice rercently. She is a multi-skilled lady, being a vocal coach; guitar tutor; sound engineer; and beauty specialist – yet still found time to record her own 60s covers album! I met her at one of her husband’s gigs recently (see my review #127), and she handed me a copy of Step Back To The Sixties and I said I’d review it for her.

It is a collection of ten well known Pop/Soul hits from that most remarkable of musical decades; mostly originally recorded by female vocalists from across both sides of the pond. Tracks include ‘Downtown’; California Dreamin’; ‘My Guy’ etc. And its very good. Karen’s voice is very clear and pleasant to hear. I quite enjoyed listening to it… even my Missus liked it; and that’s a hard test to pass indeed!

The CD comes in a standard Jewel Case but with very little info on the cover, so I don’t know anything about the musicians on the recording. Everyone involved has done a splendid job though. The album is available from Karen’s website. PTMQ

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