128. STEVE FORWARD ‘Time Traveller’ (2016)

(Pic: S.Forward)

(Pic: S.Forward)

At his One Floyd show recently, I obtained a copy of Steve Forward’s own instrumental album Time Traveller. (See my review #127). It had been recommended to me by the same dos amigos: Rock aficionado Stuart Walsh and Kingsreach keys man Jimmy Tee Rets.

I’ve always liked instrumentals, but they can be tricky buggers to deal with. The trick is to keep the listeners’ interest… otherwise they can get boring. I’m happy to report though, that this album is far from that. I found it to be great driving music, and had it playing in my car incessantly for a while, so I really got to know it.

There are twelve tracks covering a variety of Rock styles, all penned by Steve; who has no doubt played everything on every one. It is actually very inventive; demonstrating Steve’s undoubted guitar and writing skills. I enjoyed it a lot. If you want comparisons and/or influences, then Satriani, Vai and Whitehorn spring to mind; but its all good original material. My favourites are ‘The Machines’; ‘Journey’s End’; and the Rush-esque ‘Lost In Time’. With no lyrics there is plenty of scope for inventive titles conjured up or suggested by the feel of the track: ‘The Vortex’; ‘Doors Of Light’; ‘Scream At the Sky’ for example.

The CD comes in a standard Jewel Case with a simple but effective design on the front, but has very little info on the sleeve; and not even a word printed on the plain white disc (so a marker pen would come in handy if you buy a copy!) but no real problem. Its a big thumbs up from The Quill anyway. PTMQ


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