110. THE BLUESBONES “Double Live” (2016)

(Pic: Bluesbones)

(Pic: Bluesbones)

I have always maintained that Blues – in all its forms – is a genre of music that is best experienced when it is played live. I was happy then, that Nico De Cock, vocalist of Belgian based band The Bluesbones, contacted me recently, asking if I’d like to review their new album Double Live. I had heard good reports of the band but I must admit I had only a little knowledge of them until I received this CD – kindly sent by Nico; and I’m very glad he did because its a very good collection indeed.

The band consist of the aforementioned Nico De Cock (Vocals); Geert Boeckx (Bass); Dominique Christens (Drums); Stef Paglia (Guitar); and Edwin Risbourg (Keys) – fine musicians all. Their previous albums – Voodoo Guitar (2012); Live @ The Bosuil (2013); and Saved By The Blues (2014) –  have already been very well received, and have got the band noticed across Europe. And they have already supported and/or jammed with some big British names such as Danny Bryant; Laurence Jones and the Nimmos, among others. On their Facebook page they describe their music succinctly as: ‘… original songs from bluesrock over mellow and sensitive Bluesballads, swampy slide to more heavy rock…  The BluesBones goal is to play blues that gets into your bones!’ Yes; that’s fair comment.

The double CD consists of fifteen tracks in total from the band’s self-penned back catalogue of songs; reflecting a great variety of influences – plus a few fine covers too. It was recorded at the Hype Studio, Belgium in front of a small audience. Perhaps the audience’s applause could have been mixed a little louder, but this is a minor complaint, because any way you look at it, this mix seems to have provided a good balance between quality recording and live performance. Add to that the undoubted individual skill of each of these Bluesmen; as well as their obviously well-practiced, tightness together; and some fantastic music is provided as a result. These boys have a genuine feel for the Blues and it shows.

I find it difficult to pick favourites from this collection because the quality throughout is so high; but I did particularly like the title track from their debut album ‘Voodoo Guitar’ and the extended cover of ‘She’s Got The Devil In Her’.  I also liked ‘I Try’; and the remarkable Prog-Blues extravaganza ‘Runaway’ too. ‘Wrong’ was right for me too!

The double CD comes in a card triptych-type gate-fold cover, which is distinctive but contains only basic info. For those wishing to know more about the band though, there is plenty of good info on their website.

I think there is something for an aficionado of almost any Blues sub-genre on this album – particularly if you like your Blues on the moody Rock side of the spectrum. Personally I love it! PTMQ.

Click here for The Bluesbones website

Click here for The Bluesbones playing ‘Voodoo Guitar’ live.


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