84. BRIT FLOYD “Space And Time World Tour 15” at CLIFFS PAVILION, Westcliffe-On-Sea, Essex. Friday, 20th November, 2015

(Photo: PTMQ)

(Photo: PTMQ)

Originally I wasn’t going to write about this Brit Floyd gig – I was just going to sit there and enjoy some Pink Floyd covers. So I didn’t take my camera, or make any proper notes about it. But it was so bloody good that I thought I’d like to write a little bit on it anyway. I went at the invitation and recommendation of my good friend Rambo (who is a big Floyd fan).

I’ve seen a couple of other very good Floyd tribute bands before. The best of which I thought was The Australian Pink FloydΒ (who I’ve seen a couple of times at this very same venue; see my review #6). The Aussies were really good, but I think I now rate Brit Floyd a tad higher – sorry cobbers!

The format of the show was to travel back and forth in time (via a graphic chronometer, marked in years, above the stage), and visit songs from various albums in Pink Floyd’s back-catalogue. For example, first of all the chronometer registered ‘1973’; and we were of course transported back to the classic Dark Side Of The Moon. We were then treated to several perfect coversΒ from that album. Forward to ’75, and we heard ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’; then right back to ’67 for ‘See Emily Play’ – you can catch the drift, I’m sure. After a bevy of wonderful Floyd classics; which included the psychedelic ‘Set The Controls…’; and the sing-along ‘Wish You Were Here’; they finally ended the show with ‘Run Like Hell’ from The Wall, ’79.

But it wasn’t only the music that was excellent. The lights, sound, and graphics which were constantly changing, were superb too. Full marks to all involved with the show.

The band consist of six excellent musicians (some, multi-instrumentalists); and three brilliant female backing vocalists. Every one of the nine people on that stage was superb. I couldn’t find fault even if I wanted to. But I’d like to particularly pick out Angela Cervantes for her astoundingly good scat vocal on ‘The Great Gig In The Sky’ which quite honestly left me spell-bound! So if you get a chance to see the Brit Floyd show, I’d recommend it highly. Shine on you crazy diamonds! PTMQ

2 thoughts on “84. BRIT FLOYD “Space And Time World Tour 15” at CLIFFS PAVILION, Westcliffe-On-Sea, Essex. Friday, 20th November, 2015

  1. Jeff "Rambo" Ramm

    Well i happen to be that there Rambo, so i am. It is with great pleasure to recommend The Brit Floyd to you Phil and anybody else out there in tinternet land as there renditions and visuals are brilliant and in some cases as close the the real thing as to make no difference.
    I also must agree Phil, Angela Cervantes was sublime, hairs on back of neck standing moment. Please don’t be offended the rest of Brit Floyd, your all great toooo. πŸ˜‰
    Sheep my favourite. πŸ‘
    Call me an old sado but i could go see this every night.
    “Oi no!!” less of you old sado comments please.

    1. PTMQ Post author

      Ah were you that Floyd nut / saddo sitting next to me, singing along to all the songs? (Well I must admit, me too!)
      Yes Angela was wonderful wasn’t she? They all were. I’ll see the band again for sure.


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