80. THE TANYA PICHE BLUES BAND’s new single for Halloween: ‘Good Morning Mr. Postman’ (Live) (2015)

(Pic: Tanya Piche Blues Band)

Bound to be a scream of a gig! (Pic: Tanya Piche Blues Band)

Some while ago I mentioned that there was to be a new single from The Tanya Piche Blues Band (See my review of her last single ‘Wang Dang Doodle’). At that time Tanya told me that it would be ‘…dark and spooky for Halloween’. Well its out now so she sent me a link recently – and yes, it is a bit spooky!

The TPBB are an Essex-based unit, only formed in May this year – but consist of some very good and experienced musos. They are Tanya Piche herself (Vocals); Nick ‘Smurf’ Sherreard (Bass); David Warne (Guitar); and James Digings (Drums). They’ve been gigging a lot lately and are starting to get noticed – playing further afield; getting good reviews; and some healthy air-play on Blues radio shows in the UK too.

‘Good Morning Mr.Postman’ was recorded live on stage, back in August. Its a kind of Psychedelic / Proggy Blues number that reminds me of a spaced out 60s Blues club! I love it – not that I’m old enough to have frequented a 60s Blues Club! Its got a menacing vibe to it; with Tanya’s trademark saucy growling vocals sending a shiver down the spine! There is some superb Hendrix-esque muted, reverb’ed wah-wah from Mr.Warne; and the boys in the rhythm section don’t disappoint either. Having never heard it before, I didn’t know what to expect, but I was really pleased with it.

The TPBB will be headlining at the ‘Blues Scream Night’ at The Warwick PH, High Street, Maldon, Essex on Halloween. I unfortunately can’t be there but it should be a scream – especially if you’re a Postman!

The song is available on iTunes, and on You Tube…


2 thoughts on “80. THE TANYA PICHE BLUES BAND’s new single for Halloween: ‘Good Morning Mr. Postman’ (Live) (2015)

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