74. DAVE HANSON “Blind Faith” EP (2015)

Blind Faith EP (Pic: Dave Hanson)

Blind Faith EP (Pic: Dave Hanson)

When Dave Hanson contacted me offering to send me a copy of his new EP Blind Faith, I didn’t know what to expect at all; but I’m always interested in hearing something new. Actually what you get with this EP is new and old at the same time, as all the tracks on it remind me of earlier sounds; yet they all have a newness about them too, which makes for an interesting blend.

Blind Faith is a collection of four numbers all penned by the man himself, and all rather good, I must say. They are all well thought out songs; light, catchy, radio-palatable – and of very good quality. They are also well recorded with some very fine musicianship from all those involved; with some very impressive vocals and backing vocals, too. Impossible not to like, really.

I think the title track ‘Blind Faith’ is the best of this very good little collection. I like it a lot. There is a familiar sounding Rafferty-esque strummed acoustic intro; and a nice bit of slide work and tack piano. It ends with a kind of Richards-Taylor twin slide guitar thing going on, and some classy female backing vocals, which give it a strong Stones feel. The other tracks are great too: from the bouncy Americana of ‘Joanna’ with its tasty Blues Harp; to the funky groove of ‘Island Sky’; and the foot tapping of ‘Let It Go’ – its all good.

Dave is of course the ex-guitarist / song-writer of Yorkshire based Pop-Rock band, The Dunwells; a successful unit from whom he decided to move on from a while ago. And if this EP is a taste of things to come, he has a successful solo career ahead of him. Apparently there is a full album to follow. I’m not clear if the songs on this EP will form part of the new album, but it’ll be interesting to hear what else he has up his song-writing sleeve.

The download version is already available from iTunes at only £2.49.  The CD version comes in a simple card slipcase, with basic info on it. My copy arrived with a biography fact sheet about Dave, and a personal cover letter from him – nice touch. This EP is well worth listening to – and shelling out for! PTMQ


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