11. GLYN PROTHEROE (again) at THE MORRIS DANCER (again) Friday 16th May 2014

This was one of those days when you are spoilt for choice. First Dave Kitteridge of The Touchline Club informs me that 60s group THE MOVE are booked for tonight (and it would be part of their last ever tour); then NICKY ‘ELVIS’ HART invites me to a gig he has booked at the Silver Hall Social Club, Rainham; then I find out that GLYN PROTHEROE is (at short notice) playing THE MORRIS DANCER in Harold Hill again – and I can’t be in three places at once! Well I may get a chance to see The Move at the Boom Boom Club, Sutton, later this month; and Nicky Hart I want to see again some time; but being as I live within walking distance of The Morris Dancer, Glyn had to be the choice for me.

It was short notice, but I managed to get a handful of blokes to come along to support Glyn; namely: Jimbo; Rambo; and Terry (of the rock band YELLOWHOUSE, who had no gig themselves tonight). The Morris Dancer was quiet compared to when I was last there (on Good Friday); so with the pub’s clientele thin on the ground, Glyn needed all the support he could get!

Glyn did essentially the same set as when he last played this venue – although he did slip in the classic ‘Hey Joe’ and the bizarre ‘Really Free’ too. There seemed little interest from the punters in Glyn during his two-part set, but afterwards, several people came up to him and genuinely congratulated him on a good show; so they must have been listening after all! We enjoyed it anyway.


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