10. GLYN PROTHEROE at ‘THE MORRIS DANCER’, Harold Hill, Essex. Good Friday, 18th April 2014

GLYN PROTHEROE Covers maestro! (Photo by PTMQ)

GLYN PROTHEROE 12-String maestro! (Photo by PTMQ)

I received a message the other day from NICKY ‘ELVIS’ HART telling me that our mutual friend and ex-colleague, the guitarist GLYN PROTHEROE had a solo gig booked for Good Friday at THE MORRIS DANCER – a pub in Harold Hill, Essex. As this is only a short distance from my home, I jumped at the chance to see my old friend in action!

I arrived at the pub with my daughter and her boyfriend just before 8pm. (I promised to buy her bf a few pints because I’d been making him paint bits of my house all day!). Nicky Hart turned up a little later. I had a good chat with Glyn before he went on – I hadn’t seen him for ages, so it was good to catch up. We talked music – about his set-list; his guitars; and about our mutual Friend Rob W. But before long it was time for the show to begin.

Glyn’s set-list was a very well-chosen collection of covers, suitable for the clientele of a good, ordinary English pub. The songs ranged from Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’; to Joe Jackson’s ‘Is She Really Going Out With Him?’; to The Undertones ‘Teenage Kicks’. He strummed his way through stuff by The Beatles; Van Morrison; Led Zeppelin; Rod Stewart; Neil Diamond….the varied list goes on – there was something for everyone.

At the interval they all said I should do a turn. So Glyn fitted me up with his spare 6-string guitar, and I played my version of Elvis Presley’s ‘Mess Of The Blues’ – much to the surprise of Nicky Hart who of course is the recognised expert on such things! Nicky did a turn as well; singing an Elvis song too of course (‘Suspicious Minds’) with Glyn on guitar, which was excellent! Unfortunately though, this was a little marred by a tipsy lady interfering with the mic! Oh well; that’s Rock’n’roll for you!

The punters in The Morris Dancer at first didn’t seem too fussed about Glyn’s show, but I noticed more and more people taking an interest as the night progressed (and the drink flowed!). By the end, several ladies were up dancing the night away (not least of all my daughter, who loves dancing!), and the applause was louder too. All in all, he went down very well.

This kind of gig is bread and butter to someone like Glyn. He does it with ease; relaxed, and making jokes between songs. He is actually a far more skilful axe-player than tonight’s gig demonstrated though – being at one time a member of the GENESIS tribute band, GENOCIDE (later re-named REGENESIS) until 1998. And anyone who can play the guitar parts of Genesis’ guitarist Steve Hackett, is no strum-dummy!

Glyn tells me he’s hoping to play at The Morris Dancer regularly. That’s something to look forward to. So I’ll try to get a few more old friends and family down to see him next time. I think he was glad our little party turned up to show him support, but I think he’d have done OK anyway. A fun evening was had by all.

Gwyneud yn dda, Glyn! Phil The Music Quill

4 thoughts on “10. GLYN PROTHEROE at ‘THE MORRIS DANCER’, Harold Hill, Essex. Good Friday, 18th April 2014

  1. Jeff Ramm

    Phil let me know next time as i’ll come down. Glyn, do you remember listening from the 1st floor of my compilations that i made which we listened to while i did the CFC maintenance?

  2. robert lewis

    Hi Phil the Music Quill, i’m really enjoying the Fab reviews, could you let me know when GLYN is in town again, i would love to enjoy hims varied music and vocal skills, great to here that someone is covering my old FAV Joe Jackson


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