No, I’m not going to talk about the immortal 1969 hit single by THUNDERCLAP NEWMAN – much as I’ve always loved it! Its just that late last year the song-writing muse must have been sitting on the shoulder of many a musician. Firstly, when I came back from a visit to ROB WHEATON’s in Devon, I was musically fired up and couldn’t stop writing songs (well, attempting to anyway!). Blues; rock; folk; I couldn’t stop strumming and scribbling – the ideas just kept coming. The experience of spending time in the company of other musicians (especially those musos who are better than yourself) creates a kind of positive ethos that is contagious, and very inspiring. And inspiration is something I lack at times, so the Devon visit did me good. I even got two of my songs completely finished and fairly satisfied with them.

Then just before Christmas, I got an email from Rob with an attachment containing part of a Crimbo song that he’d written and recorded which was really rather good (and, who knows, may be next year’s Xmas No.1!) I’m not clear whether this new song will be recorded and used by DEVONBIRD (the folk band of which Rob is a member), but I don’t see why not, so we’ll wait and see. Rob has written a lot of excellent songs over the years and I’m always keen to hear what he’s come up with.

Then my friend and neighbour, the song-writer TONY PARTIS called round to give me a CD copy of his latest collection of songs entitled ‘Listen…to Tony Partis’. Tony has written some great songs too; and, true to form, these are also very good – well constructed and lyrically inventive. God knows how many songs he has written (I’ve got five CDs of his work now), or how he keeps finding the inspiration to write in so many varied genres; but he does, good luck to him, and long may he continue to do so. All the more remarkable is the fact that although he sings, he doesn’t play an instrument, so his compositions are entirely in his head. I intend to review ‘Listen…To Tony Partis’ on this blog site shortly – watch this space.

May the muse be with you! Phil The Music Quill

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